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About Your Hot Air Balloon Ride in NJ with Balloonatics & Aeronuts

Balloonatics & Aeronuts is the premier hot air balloon ride company in New Jersey. Your champaign picnic balloon ride will take you to new heights, or skim the tree tops over beautiful Warren County situated in the Skylands of New Jersey. While Balloonatics and Aeronuts is tucked away in the countryside of New Jersey there is plenty of things to do in the area.


Hot Air Balloon Ride General Information

The modern hot air balloon is basically the same aircraft that the Montgolfier brothers developed over 200 years ago. Our balloons consist of a rip-stop nylon envelope, a wicker basket, a propane burner and flight instruments. Heated air inside the envelope creates a lighter and less dense air mass which allows the balloon to fly. When the balloon lifts free, wind dictates the direction and speed of flight. The pilot can alter direction by simply changing altitude and finding a favorable wind.


About the Balloon Pilot

Pilot Fred Grotenhuis has over 34 years experience which includes military flight training, helicopters, fixed wing, and hot air balloons. He recently took up paragliding and when the weather conditions permit and he is not busy ballooning you will find him at Little Gap or Kirks Ridge soaring. Fred also spends most of the winter in Costa Rica at his bed and breakfast for paragliders - Grampa Ninja's Bed and Breakfast.



231 Brainards Road, Phillipsburg, New Jersey 08865

From Philadelphia ~ 1 hour & 20 minutes
From New York City ~ 1 hour & 20 minutes
From Trenton ~ 50 minutes


Want to know more about hot air ballooning with us?

Email us at

or call 908-454-3431.


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Check our hot air balloon page out on Facebook. We've loaded some videos of balloon flights throughout the year as well as some photos of our beautiful flying area.




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